Monday, October 27, 2014

Target Back to College Care Package- Fall 2014

Target recently released their College Care Packages. When I saw what was in them, I had to grab one just beacuse of the value. I paid $5 for the box + $5 shipping. 

The box took a week or two to ship, but once it shipped I had it within the week.

Here's what the box was packaged in. It's worth noting that the products came in a high-quality white cardboard box. I'm keeping mine to reuse during holiday gift giving. It's something that one might pay $3-5 for at the store in the giftwrap section. The black target design is just a black slipcover separate from the box itself.

The first look...

Once I removed the coupon book ($32 in savings!!), this is what I got...

A Venus Snap razor, retails for $10. Just receiving this paid for the box. The size is perfect for travel, and yet it's a real razor that you can change the blade head on.

Next were samples of a Tide Pod and of Downy Unstoppables. I'll say these samples are worth about $1.

After those were a pack of Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Wipes. This pack has 7 wipes in it, which is perfect to throw in a purse or travel bag. I estimated this to also be about $1. 

Next were some tampon and panty liner samples, a Purell hand sanitizer and a Nivea body wash. These are all things that I use on a regular basis, and the Purell is peppermit cheer scented, so I'm super excited about that! All together, these three were probably worth about $2.

This box was an awesome buy. The coupons were a sweet bonus, and I will be able to use EVERY SINGLE ONE of the products. I paid $10 total for this box and I estimate the value to be about $15 plus $32 in coupons. Target boxes are always a great deal, and this is no exception!

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