Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Pennie Post

While I was gone over the weekend, my October Pennie Post came in the mail!

Pennie Post costs $11/month and sends you 3 stationary items each month. This was my first month of Pennie Post.

The goodies came packaged in an envelope and then inside of a plastic sleeve within the envelope.

This month I received three cards.

I think all of these care are really cute. The candy-themed one is perfect for Halloween but would also work during another time of the year.  The "Hot Dog!" card is made of some kind of wood. It's light enough that I can probably use regular postage, but it's neat to have a card made of unique material. The "Trick of Treat" card is super cute. I just need to find someone to send a card to. Maybe S can use it to draw a picture in and send to someone.

I definetly will continue to subscribe to Pennie Post. I love all three of these cards and can't wait to see next month's designs.

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