Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Rockettes Fancy Box produces numerous subscription box options. The particular one that I subscribe to is curated by The Rockettes. 

This box is $39/month plus shipping and handling. 

My October box included things that seemed very "Rockettes."  My only complaint is that they didn't include a description card and they used a box four times bigger than they needed to. 

The first thing I pulled out was this glove and hat set from EchoDesign. 

I think that this is cute, but I don't wear hats, so this will be posted on eDivv. Value is about $40 going by what other hats cost on the EchoDesign website. This exact set isn't available online. 

These tattoos are the next thing I pulled out. I haven't tried the trend of adult temporary tattoos, but these might be cute to try. I'll be keeping them for now. Value is $8. 

This bracelet from Lyndy & Lou was neat to pull out. This is the kind of bracelet that loops around your middle finger and the around your wrist. Although it's not my style and will end up on eDivv, I'm still excited about a cute Etsy artist coming in this box. 

The last thing in my fancy box was this bun pin. I do put my hair in a bun pretty frequently for work, but I don't see myself wearing this. It's really cute but just too big for me.  I think it would be like wearing a tiara. So again, going up on eDivv. 

Overall, the Rockettes Fancy Box is a good one. The value is there, and although I'm trading most of the box, I still call it a keeper.

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  1. All of this stuff is so cute!