Friday, October 10, 2014

eDivv Goodies! Week of 10-5-14

eDivv is a website that a lovely GENIUS created less than a year ago. You swap unwanted beauty products with other people. It's completely free; you just pay for postage to mail your products. eDivv uses a ratings system that allows you to rate your partner and leave reviews so that others can know whether or not it's safe to trade with that person. There is also a "trusted" level that you earn through getting a certain number of positive reviews.  I've been on eDivv for 6 weeks and have completed 63 trades. I've received lots of awesome products and have been able to send many of my unwanted products to someone who wants them. 

This is what I received through eDivv trades this week:

I received a L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, which ive wanted to try for weeks, and some primer/cc cream samples. I've decided to keep the mascara and send out the other things as little extras in future trades. I don't post foil packet samples on eDivv for trades; I just like to include one or two in each trade as a little special something. 

If you're interested in eDivv, you can visit the website through my link in the side bar. I love this service and hope to continue using it in the future!

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