Sunday, January 25, 2015

Treatsie: January 2015

I'm so excited that my delicious Treatsie box came in the mail. Treatsie is a subscription that is $19 a month and sends a selection of artisan sweets. I have never received something in a Treatsie box that I didn't love. 

The January Goodies:

-Biscuit Gourmet Biscotti The Muse: These are chocolate biscotti with chunks of dark Belgian chocolate. 

-Buddha Chocolate Almond Butter Cup: This cup is hand-poured, slow-roasted almond butter paired with stone-ground dark chocolate. 

-Dallas Caramel Company Armadillos and Caramel Assortment: The Armadillos are Texas pecans sandwiched between caramel and dark chocolate. The caramel assortment includes the flavors apple pie, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, orange, original, sea salt, and Texas drunken nut.

My thoughts: This box is on-point. I love caramels and I can't wait to dis the biscotti in a warm winter drink. I've never ad an almond butter cup, so I'm interested to try that as well. Great job, Treatsie Sweets!!

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