Friday, January 16, 2015

Dottiebox Mini: January 2015

I got 4 boxes in the mail today! The first one opened was the Dottiebox Mini. Dottiebox Mini is $13/month + $3 shipping and sends 3 handpicked creations each month. Usually at least one of the items reflects a smaller version of what was included in the regular Dottiebox.

The goodies:
-Running Blynd Clothespin/Thumb Tack Set: I got a similar set in the regular Dottiebox, but these are silver. I love glittery things, so I'm happy to add these to my collection.

-Gracious Bee Greetings CD Case Calendar: This mini calendar is contained in a clear plastic case that opens up to act as its stand. I got another version of this in the regular Dottiebox, so I might end up trading this.

-Dottiebox Tassel Keychain: This is a Dottiebox creation pretty much identical to the Box of Happies tassel products that I've been receiving. This is a grey leather tassel keychain with a silver keyring. 

My thoughts: I always like Dottiebox, both the regular and the mini. However, I'm curious about the identical keychains from Dottiebox and Box of Happies. I'm excited to add the silver them tacks and clothespins to my collection.

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