Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pennie Post: January 2015

PENNIE POST is my very first subscription to arrive in 2015!! Pennie Post sends 3-4 stationary items a month and costs $11. This month the theme is "White Winter" and features Pennie Post's first screen printed cards. 

The goodies;

-Midnight Polar Bear Card: This card is so cute. I can't wait to use it. The paper is dark, so I'll need to scrounge up a metallic or white pen. Where does someone find a white pen?

-Birch Tree Forest Card: This card is simple and yet so neat. I love the details of a forest. It makes me think of winter snow on the trees.

-Thank You Bubble Note Card:  This simple card has plenty of space for a nice note. Plus, the envelope is a pretty mint green. Can't wait to write a note and send it off!

My thoughts:  I have never received a Pennie Post that I didn't love. This month's cards are great. The two screen printed cards are super cute. Pennie Post is the best!

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