Thursday, December 4, 2014

PopSugar MustHave: November 2014

November's PopSugar MustHave box is pretty awesome.

My first look...

The goodies:
-Simpatico Shea Butter Cream

-G. H. Cretors Popped Corn: Chicago Mix

-Wine Glass Writers


-Sorial Wallet Purse

My thoughts: Another great box from PopSugar. My absolute favorite thing in this box was the popcorn. It was super delicious. If I ever come across it again, I will certainly buy another bag. The caramel and cheese mix was something that I didn't expect to like, but it was so yummy. I gifted my mom the hand cream and have already been using the notecards. I gifted mym sister the wallet purse since it's much more her style. The wine glass pens are not something that I use, but they traded pretty fast on eDivv. If we drank out of wine glasses more, I would have probably kept them. As always I'm loving my PopSugar MustHave box!!

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