Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mission Cute: December 2014

My December Mission Cute box came in the mail yesterday. Mission Cute is $39/month (less with a multi-month subscription) and they also just started their mini-box, which starts at $17/month. Mission Cute donates 50% of their proceeds to a different non-profit each month. This month is was Seed of Health. Seed of Health is a team of UC Berkeley students and alumni who "seek to empower local healthcare professionals and establish self-sustaining clinics to help underserved communities plant and nurture 'seeds of health' for better, healthier lives." Look them up at

This month's goodies:

-Menucha Jewelry Mother of Pearl Ring: This ring is adjustable and includes blue, purple, and green tones. Retails for $18.

-MIssionCute Exclusive Infinity Scarf: This scarf is a cute combo of polka-dot and plaid. Retails for $32.

-Libete Honey Vanilla Bean Lotion: This is a very nice sized lotion and smells just like vanilla extract- not a weird fake vanilla. It only has 5 ingredients: Water, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Beeswax, and Vanilla Essential Oil. Love it! Retail is $9.

-MissionCute Holiday Pickle Ornament: I have never heard of the Holiday Pickle tradition until now. It's pretty cute, and now I have a pickle for our tree! Retail is $5.

-Printable Wisdom's Greatest Hits Calendar: This calendar features inspirational words for every month of the year. It's available to print yourself from PrintableWisdom on Etsy for $15 or $29 if printed by MissionCute on card-stock like they sent us.

My thoughts: Another winner from Mission Cute!! I love all of the products and will be able to use each one for myself or as a gift. My holiday pickle is already hanging on our tree! 

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