Thursday, December 11, 2014

DottieBox Mini: December 2014

My DottieBox Mini came in the mail yesterday afternoon. DottieBox is a monthly subscription that has regular and "mini" options. I subscribe to both. DottieBox mini is $13/month and $3 for shipping. It includes 3 handpicked creations each month. 

The Goodies:

-Holiday Light Garland from Handmade by Saewon ($8): This garland is so cute. The lights are made of cardstock and are strung on a high-quality twine. It's about 3 feet long. I ended up stringing mine in a double window, although I'm also strongly considering taking it into work. While I don't know that I would pay $8 for it, I definetly do appreciate the time that went into making it.

-Hot Cocoa Jar from Berry's Creations ($4): This is a cute little glass jar filled with cocoa mix and mini marshmallows. I love cocoa! However, I also know that cocoa is fairly cheap, so I'm wondering whats special about this that makes it $4. However, the packaging is perfect and would make a super cute gift.

-Gift Tags (2) from Dinglewood Design and Press: These gift tags came at the perfect time. I'm always searching for a classy gift tag when I'm wrapping gifts, and the subscription boxes this month have been on point with sending gift tags. These are created via letterpress, which I think is very neat.

My thoughts: I always love DottieBox mini. The products are always great and I am always able to find some way to use them. I'm super excited to use the gift tags and the garland is hanging up already!

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