Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Box of Happies: November 2014

My Box of Happies arrived! I don't get tracking emails for this box, so it's always a surprise. 

Box of Happies includes 3-4 items ranging from home goods to personal care products. You buy the subscription for the number of months you want it; there is no automatic renewing option. The most expensive option is $24 + $4.99 shipping for 1 month. 

This month shipped like usual... A small hard plastic box in a cardboard box in a plastic mailer. I don't understand why they use so much wasteful packaging, but I do appreciate that the most inner box is reusable and I usually end up using the cardboard box for an eDivv trade. 

The goodies in this month's box...

-Box of Happies exclusive necklace and earrings:

- Botanical Bars Soap & Lip Balm:

- UnkamenSupplies Bold Bangle Base + Box of Happies Charm

My thoughts on this box... The definite bonus for me is the Orange Blossom scented soap from Botanical Bars. I love orange scented anything. The rest of this box seemed like it was all pretty much from Box of Happies. Also, all of the jewelry is in gold tone, which I don't wear. The necklace is on a long chain, so I'll probably wear that. The rest will end up as gifts or trades. I have a 12-month subscription to Box of Happies. I don't know if I'll be purchasing any more months after the 12-months runs out. I haven't been too impressed with Box of Happies over the past few months. We'll see. 

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