Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DottieBox: February 2015

My February dottiebox came while I was away on a quick vacation. DottieBox sends 3-4 artisan products each month for $20+$6 shipping. They also have a mini box for less that comes during the third week of the month.

This Month's Goodies:

-OneWord Designs Print I love the bright color of this print. It's uplifting during a cold, dark month.

-The Sudsy Soapery Aromatherapy Candle: This candle is a lavender and spearmint scent. It has loose lavender on top that I suppose gets caught in the melted wax once the candle is lit.

-Natural Soap Co Blueberry Bar Soap: This soap smells just like blueberry and has glitter on it. 

-Dottiebox Hand Lettered Mug:This mug has "I love you a latte" handwritten in what I'm guessing is permanent marker.

My thoughts: Once again, another DottieBox that I love. I've already got a spot to hand the print!

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